By Fernando Valiente Dies

I feel bad, tired, for every day I´ve been here since 1982. But I also feel happy, because I am with my cousin Daniel.

Daniel is a very shy person, he is always smiling and he sees the bright side of life.

A normal day here is as follows: first of all, we look for something to eat, and when we finish, we take a bath on the beach of this small and dark island, which is beautiful but also hopeless. After that we explore the island, to see if we can find water or some food.

Today is 23rd of March 1985. Daniel and I. We are sick of this island.

“What´s that!” I say. It is a boat, an enormous boat. “Come on, Come on!”. We have to do something to capture the attention of that big “life-saver”.

We quickly start to shout, but nothing. We make a fire. We also make some signals with trees.

That big piece of metal continues on a large journey around the world. It doesn´t stop.

We are condemned to stay on this island all of our lives.
After that I start to cry, because I realise that we were going to stay here, grow up here, and finally die.

Daniel consoles me. In my opinion he is the best cousin you can have, because he is always there to help.

In conclusion I want to say that if you find this bottle in the sea, please try to rescue us.

Daniel and Fernando



By Felipe López Valiente

My name is Epilef and I am a 16 year old Jaguar. I live in the jungle of Brunei, Borneo. I have six brothers and my mum, but my father was killed by a poacher.

I have my own hunting site, where I usually hunt several types of monkey and sometimes, some indigenous meat. At the moment, I live in a little but spacious cave on the outskirts of the jungle, near the sea.

Like any Jaguar, I have four legs with four toes and four paws in each one. I also have black and yellow fur, and a long tail which I normally use to warn my enemies of my feelings at that moment.

My eyes are green and have an oval form, so I can perfectly see at night and hunt comfortably.

I also want to say that I do not deserve my bad reputation because I am very friendly and tame, and I only hunt when it is necessary.

On the other hand, I am in love with Isilda, a female Jaguar, who usually goes hunting with me and sleeps in the cave.

My favorite food is the chimpanzee, with some fish or human meat.

To conclude, I am lately fighting the deforestation in my region. It has caused the death of one of my cousins and the destruction of my mom’s house. Therefore, I am now introducing in my usual menu poacher and lumberman’s meat.


Author biography

I was born in Madrid in September of 1995. I come from a family of artists and athletes. Until last year, I played the violin and I was a member of an orchestra since I was eight.


An April full of blooming inspiration

April is here and The Doha Review continues to inspire, to create, to grow in terms of visitors with the recently topped 1000 visitors boundary seeming little already, and to act as a meeting place for ideas on a more positive future.

The past month has seen fantastic writing from creative writers of all ages. There has been an inspiring introduction to TDR Poetry with a much appreciated poem by international journalist and writer Imran Garda, which achieved a new viewing record in a single day.

Further fantastic content has been the first TDR Photography feature by the promising Anna Indalecio. Her series of images from the 15-October protests in Spain against an economic system which is creating widespread social discontent were touching and telling; a kiss amongst them to rival the most famous such photography; a shout to the heavens; a young girl protesting for a better future.

There has been a wide range and a fine mix of creativity on show. An enticing mosaic of ages, a celebration of writing difference and our common humanity.

April promises a spring-time flourish of new The Doha Review magic.

Keep writing, creating and sending in your work wonderful work.

Matthias Krug
The Editor