By Fernando Valiente Dies

I feel bad, tired, for every day I´ve been here since 1982. But I also feel happy, because I am with my cousin Daniel.

Daniel is a very shy person, he is always smiling and he sees the bright side of life.

A normal day here is as follows: first of all, we look for something to eat, and when we finish, we take a bath on the beach of this small and dark island, which is beautiful but also hopeless. After that we explore the island, to see if we can find water or some food.

Today is 23rd of March 1985. Daniel and I. We are sick of this island.

“What´s that!” I say. It is a boat, an enormous boat. “Come on, Come on!”. We have to do something to capture the attention of that big “life-saver”.

We quickly start to shout, but nothing. We make a fire. We also make some signals with trees.

That big piece of metal continues on a large journey around the world. It doesn´t stop.

We are condemned to stay on this island all of our lives.
After that I start to cry, because I realise that we were going to stay here, grow up here, and finally die.

Daniel consoles me. In my opinion he is the best cousin you can have, because he is always there to help.

In conclusion I want to say that if you find this bottle in the sea, please try to rescue us.

Daniel and Fernando


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