An April full of blooming inspiration

April is here and The Doha Review continues to inspire, to create, to grow in terms of visitors with the recently topped 1000 visitors boundary seeming little already, and to act as a meeting place for ideas on a more positive future.

The past month has seen fantastic writing from creative writers of all ages. There has been an inspiring introduction to TDR Poetry with a much appreciated poem by international journalist and writer Imran Garda, which achieved a new viewing record in a single day.

Further fantastic content has been the first TDR Photography feature by the promising Anna Indalecio. Her series of images from the 15-October protests in Spain against an economic system which is creating widespread social discontent were touching and telling; a kiss amongst them to rival the most famous such photography; a shout to the heavens; a young girl protesting for a better future.

There has been a wide range and a fine mix of creativity on show. An enticing mosaic of ages, a celebration of writing difference and our common humanity.

April promises a spring-time flourish of new The Doha Review magic.

Keep writing, creating and sending in your work wonderful work.

Matthias Krug
The Editor


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