By Felipe López Valiente

My name is Epilef and I am a 16 year old Jaguar. I live in the jungle of Brunei, Borneo. I have six brothers and my mum, but my father was killed by a poacher.

I have my own hunting site, where I usually hunt several types of monkey and sometimes, some indigenous meat. At the moment, I live in a little but spacious cave on the outskirts of the jungle, near the sea.

Like any Jaguar, I have four legs with four toes and four paws in each one. I also have black and yellow fur, and a long tail which I normally use to warn my enemies of my feelings at that moment.

My eyes are green and have an oval form, so I can perfectly see at night and hunt comfortably.

I also want to say that I do not deserve my bad reputation because I am very friendly and tame, and I only hunt when it is necessary.

On the other hand, I am in love with Isilda, a female Jaguar, who usually goes hunting with me and sleeps in the cave.

My favorite food is the chimpanzee, with some fish or human meat.

To conclude, I am lately fighting the deforestation in my region. It has caused the death of one of my cousins and the destruction of my mom’s house. Therefore, I am now introducing in my usual menu poacher and lumberman’s meat.


Author biography

I was born in Madrid in September of 1995. I come from a family of artists and athletes. Until last year, I played the violin and I was a member of an orchestra since I was eight.



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