Supporting the 15th of October Protests in Madrid

People in cities all around the world have marched this weekend against social injustice brought about by a financial system without controls. My support and the essence of my fiction and journalism writing goes out to them; yes, to us all who seek a fairer system.

Here in Madrid the central Sol Plaza was brimming full of protesters again. Inevitably, they were decried by the right as being radical leftists and anti-system elements. There is nothing radical about these protests, and instead everything humane. As the protesters have aptly pointed out; we aren’t anti-system. The system is anti-us.

Political apathy is giving way in these peaceful (a must-have for positive change to happen) demonstrations to real and imminent action in order to create a better future. For every protester on the street, another ten, hundred, or even thousand watching at home in front of the television or internet screens think the same way: enough of placing financial profit above human beings.