‘Selfishness’ Writing Competition opens today

In order to encourage the development of a better society through our written creativity I have today opened the ‘Selfishness’ writing competition.

People of all ages and professions can enter the competition and win a free signed version of my novel ‘Selfishness’ with a personal dedication.

To take part just send in a composition of any length and style to my contact section (on http://www.mkrug.com) or post it in the comment section of this blog or on my Facebook wall. The topic of your piece should be related to or describing moments of selfishness which you have witnessed first hand or in society at large, or a random act of kindness which has touched your heart.

The top 5 entries will walk away with the big prize and discover in the novel the surprising random act of kindness by Marisol which lies at the heart of ‘Selfishness’. When she picks up Iraqi psychologist Mo from the streets of Madrid in times of economic crisis and gives him a place to sleep and work in her flat, she does not yet know how profoundly he will indeed change her relationship with Norwegian speech-writer Hugo (due to be her husband in 10 short days) and indeed her entire life.

Reading, and writing, can be life-changing. Make your stories heard today.

Send your entries to: