TDR Art: The Flying Mouse

The flying mouse

A drawing by Antje Engelhardt


Awaiting a creative March

After coming to life in a happening month of February, The Doha Review awaits another moving and creative month of March.

The increasing number of readers of this new fiction and arts magazine have already had the chance to read two outstanding pieces of writing by our first two featured writers, Catarina Antunes and Imran Garda. Their international origins and outlooks have enriched the content and given us a new perspective on the new year, as well as a vivid take on an existing problem within Western media reporting.

From the innate wit of Garda and the flowing density of Antunes we move this month to further exciting pieces of art; expect an outstanding artwork by a Madrid-based artist, an article this weekend on the beauty of football, and many more words that sparkle and take on a life of their own.

And always in the background there is the trademark kettle of The Doha Review, bringing you the very best of creativity in this melting pot of cultures.

Here’s to more moving ideas in March.

The Editor
Matthias Krug

Introducing The Doha Review

The Doha Review is here.

It brings together innovative writing, photography and arts.

Create. Dare. Write. Read. Think. Inspire. Break barriers. Find solutions. Exchange ideas. Change things.

You can now enjoy the fantastic works on display, or submit the best of your writing, photography and artworks to this online magazine which serves as a gathering point of different worlds, words, ideas, and artistic visions.

See the ‘about’ section above to submit your work.

Named after the birthplace of founder and editor Matthias Krug, The Doha Review aims to bring together noteworthy, funky, fantastic ideas expressed through writing, photography and art. Doha, a city where cultures and religions come together from all around the world, serves as a symbolic starting point for this international forum of fiction and creativity.

Whether visiting as a reader or writer, viewing or displaying your work, The Doha Review awaits your creative impulses.

So don’t wait. Create.