The little street dog

By Jorge Cuevas Ariza

One summer evening the lady Martha went out to walk her little dog Trill in the park of the city. The little dog Trill was very elegant and good. His (her, your) owner always had it clean and perfumed.

When they were in the park the lady Martha removed the leash of her dear little dog in order for it to walk with all freedom. Then when she saw that her little dog was sat in the grass resting from his small walk, she approached and threw a fillet to him. In this moment a little street dog came with a lot of hunger and smelling the fillet he said:

´Can you share your fillet with me? The truth is that I am hungry.´

The little dog Trill looked into his eyes and underestimating him he said:

´I do not share my food with stray dogs like you.´

Then the little clean and perfumed dog Trill began to bark at the other dog.

The street, dirty, crest-fallen little dog, with hunger in his eyes and with the tail between the legs, separated from that little clean and perfumed dog sadly.

Some hours later it began to rain strongly with thunder. The little street dog began to run looking for a place to be protected from the water, and on having seen a garage, immediately entered to take shelter. But suddenly behind him he heard a few barks.

When the little street dog looked back, it saw by chance that the one who was beginning to bark in the garage was the same clean and perfumed little dog that did not want to share his fillet with him, so it left the garage crest-fallen and with the tail between the legs trying to look for another refuge.

Two days later the lady Martha went out to walk again with her little dog Trill in the park and took the leash from him in order that he was walking freely.

The little dog Trill was walking and running very happily moving away increasingly from the park. It doubled corners, crossed streets, it was jumping over the grasses until in a moment it stopped very scared wondering:

´Where am I? I believe that I have moved away too much from the park and now I am lost … I do not know how to get home.´

The little dog Trill with the tail between the legs began to walk very worried and howling.

Minutes later the street dog was walking along another sidewalk of the street, and managing to see Trill it stopped. He felt instinctively that the little dog Trill was in trouble, so it crossed the street running and asked him:

´What is wrong with you? Why these worried eyes and with the tail between the legs?´

The little dog Trill looked at him and said:

´My name is A Trill, I am worried because I went out to walk, got confused, and went too far from the park. Now I am lost and without orientation. I have never walked along these streets. I am very worried and do not know how to come home.´

The street dog put a leg on his shoulder and consoling him he said:

´Calm down dog! I know the name of all these streets, I am in the habit of walking along all these places. I will help you to go home! Trust me!´

´But I neither have been nice to you, I have not even helped you when you have needed me. I do not believe that you could be good to me, when I have not been good to you.´

´Do you know? In life you must learn that helping makes us better citizens and helps to make us happier,´ the street dog said nicely.

´Thank you! I am grateful for this nice gesture on your part!´ the little dog Trill said worriedly.

Both little dogs crossed and crossed streets, doubled corners until finally they came to the house of the clean and perfumed little dog.

´Finally you have come back home my pretty little dog!´ said his owner Martha happily while she was embracing and kissing it.

The street dog raised a leg saying goodbye to the little dog Trill and it began to walk away to live in the street again.

The little dog Trill began to howl very sadly because his (her, your) friend was leaving.

The lady Martha looked at the street dog and then at the little dog Trill and said to him:

´Now I will act … Do you want us to adopt this pretty little dog in order that it (he,she) lives here with us?´

The lady Martha adopted the little street dog and both were very happy. The little dog Trill learned to share, to be nice with others and to value friendship.


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