TDR Photography: Anna Indalecio’s ‘The Kiss’

Photography and text by Anna Indalecio

November 20th, 2011, general elections were held in Spain.

A month earlier, the 15th of October, the streets of Madrid and other Spanish cities were filled with thousands of citizens expressing their opinion, their point of view, exercising their duty as citizens, giving a real meaning to the term democracy.

It is now considered a mere euphemism, a word that has lost its meaning due to this current crisis, which is not only economic, but also, even more alarmingly, ethical and moral.

There is no need to wait for 4 years, to wait to be heard. There is no need to fulfil the bureaucratic requirements for the voting age to participate actively in our own society.

So, no matter what your age or your condition is, just go outside, fight for your rights, participate, shout, kiss, express your opinion fearlessly, and demand a better society. A society that would have to be fair, equal, and above all democratic.

Nowadays, our society has become conformist, visionless and has no critical opinion, just because our system has made us believe that there is no alternative, converting us into a herd. This is what we are trying to change.

People of the world… Rise up!


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