by Catarina Antunes

Some people would say that this is our year to make mistakes, other
people would say that this is the year to stop messing around and
recover our bad years. Some would say that this is a year to fall in
love or get married, on the other hand, others would say that this the
year to have a break in the love department and find out how different
our life on our own can be.

Well, how about this? I think it’s a year to live our lives like it
was the last one, to do things that we never expected to do, to fall
in love a hundred times, to lose our mind a thousand times, to screw
up everything a million times and maybe again… All you’re wishing
for, this year, is what you already wished for the last year, and the
one before… Stop thinking about what you’re going to do, what you’re
going to be, to find out, to dream about, to cry for, TO LIVE FOR.
Just enjoy your present more than the past and expect that your
future is going to be better, without making a list, without thinking
too hard when a shooting star comes around, without making a wish when
our watch reads 00:00, 11:11 or 22:22. Your life is only going to be
“well lived” when you stop thinking about how you can “live it well”.
Instead of beginning with the right foot, why shouldn’t we begin with
the left foot?

All I’m saying is be alive, feel alive. That will only happen when you
take a risk for something that is worth risking it for, for somebody. Be
curious, be strange, be funny, be stupid, be crazy, a liar, a stalker,
a know-it-all, stubborn, naive, cool, happy, in love, a joy kill, a
good student, an excelent son/daughter, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend,
best friend, be you, be yourself and don’t care about what other
people think.

You’re big, bigger and the biggest.

Give presents, buy a dog, break up, make up, make out, wear high
heels, stop wearing glasses, drink cold cofee, dance in the rain, ride
a horse, feed a lion, write your own thoughts so you can’t lose them,
think clear, drink beer to save water, buy a new computer when you
already got one, catch a butterfly, make money singing in the streets,
love someone, cry for someone, break someone’s heart, be someone’s
best friend, go to church, make prank calls, have a party at your new
place, help someone, save someone, quit your job, swim in cold water,
get undressed dancing, stare at the sunset, sleep in a boat, make
music, spend 200$ on candies, sing to someone in public, miss
university classes, travel around the world, touch an elephant, a
lion, a cheetah, a crocodile, win a medal, play tennis, meet new
people, paint your room, buy a house, smoke weed and get drunk. So
many things you’ve been missing while you were thinking about how to
have the time of your life, when you could have had it just a while

Just live the life you love and love the life you live.

That’s the rule.


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